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This is a submission for the End of Summer game jam for the Vive.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r30nmhjffBQ&feature=youtu.be


Explorer, you must manipulate the world to save the last of the bovine citizens and relics of this planet such that they go into the heart shaped box surrounded by the moving archways of water, from which a mystical musical landscape emits in a world painted with hearts and rainbows.

To those who explore let me share that in this enchanted world the gravity is substantially less. This planet is in free-fall due to the rule of the owner of this world, Mitten's the cat careless ways. In sorrow, Mitten keeps his stay over a magical watery pond protected by the paws of wisdom. He watches over and ensures the bovine citizens leave his planet safely before it ends.


  • Four item types to interact with the world
  • A highscore counter
  • An experiential landscape the likes of which I doubt you'll find elsewhere


  • The "end of summer game jam" box is explosive.
  • The cats, if thrown fast enough, are explosive.
  • The cattle do not like being hit and, being very large, react poorly to your golf club.

Game Jam Story:

Yes, I waited until the last minute to do this. In my defense, the state fair was in town and I was ... shall we say... recovering... from a late night series of adventures with friends and the carnival. Then, well, I wanted to get a fairly large update for Coinvault for Thursday and that took my available time. Since, you know, life stuff. I decided that rather than missing the game jam, I would simply work into the wee hours doing whatever it took to get something, anything for the game jam. And then Raw Data dropped a large content update and I played that for a while. THEN-THEN, after playing Raw Data for a while, I realized I needed to get started.

So I did.

What resulted from this is the game described accurately by the short story above. VR is amazing this way. You can come up with the most insane of story propositions and... it just ... well, I'd say "works", but I'll let you judge that.


I'm as surprised as you that this title under went any playtesting, but it did. I realized the title was feature complete when the wall and ceiling were damaged by my testers. Immersive enough to hit a wall or ceiling? Good enough for me!


  1. The application menu button (the little tiny button above the thumbpad) resets the scene.
  2. The right hand only teleports if it is not holding an object. Press the thumbpad to activate the teleport.
  3. The grab control is the trigger button. Sometimes it's a single click and sometimes you need to hold the trigger. You can grab: boxes, cats and golfclubs. The cows are harder to grab.
  4. There isn't a game-over screen. You get all 10 objects into the heartshaped box and you can go for a high score. My high score is 8.
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Tagshtc, htcvive, jam, mind-bending, Virtual Reality (VR), vive


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